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This is an exciting time for families wanting to add a new member to their family and we completely understand that you may have many questions about the process before you jump in to secure a spot on the waiting list and that you may not even know yet what all your questions may be. These are the questions we are most often asked so we will answer them here and try to cover everything that usually comes up:

Why is there a wait list?  

The reason for our wait list is simple.  If we do not have people waiting on kittens, we do not breed our cats.  When we have a waiting list we feel secure in the knowledge that we have people lined up to adopt and provide loving homes for the babies we are bringing into the world.  It makes sense to hold off on breeding our cats if we have no one waiting to take them home. Very rarely a devon rex baby will be available after everyone on the waiting list has chosen their kitten, but if this happens (for reasons of preference, timing, etc), you will see this kitten listed as Available.


How much do you charge for your kittens?

We certainly understand that there are some breeders out there who are able to sell their kittens for a bit less than us and this is due to two factors: 

1) Simple mathematics. They put less expense into each kitten they send out than we do, so they are able to pass that off to you in immediate savings as you will be taking care of that at your own expense (typically spaying/neutering, second vaccines/health check, etc)


2) Quality of breeding cats used and kittens produced. Our breeding cats have been selectively brought in from Europe. We put a lot of care and dedication into producing the very best devons possible - we are not just breeding to sell pets and turn a profit - there is very little "profit" in this hobby when it's done right - literally 80% or more from the sale of our kittens goes back into running the cattery and caring properly for our cats. 


The price of our kittens varies depending on the particular kitten (quality, color, etc) that you are interested in.  Add to that the hours of time and energy that go into raising them for a full 16 weeks, not to mention the $ worth of vet care they receive before leaving us (spay/neuter, three sets of vaccinations, deworming, microchip, health check/guarantee). Not all breeders include these services in the price of their kittens, so always ask before simply looking at the price of the kitten.


How can I secure a spot on the waiting list?

  • If you feel you have done sufficient research on devon rex cats and consider yourself to be a good candidate for giving one of our devon rex kittens a loving, lifetime home, then the next step is to apply to be added to our waiting list.

  • Each person may skip ONLY 2 litters

  • There is a non-refundable $250 fee to be added to the list.

  • Please send the fee via e-transfer to devonrex.canada@gmail.com 



How long will I have to wait to choose my kitten?

  • ​This all depends on what type of kitten(s) you are waiting for (color, pattern, sex, etc), and how many people ahead of you on the wait list are waiting for the same type of kitten. Often people are waiting for a specific set of parents that they like, or a specific color or pattern. 

  • If you are waiting on a future litter that is not yet born, keep in mind that there is a two month gestation period after a successful breeding, followed by a 3 month period where the kitten is with us and being raised by his/her mother.  So you are looking at a minimum of 5 months in such a case before you will be taking your kitten home.

  • The average person goes on our waiting list 6 months to 1 year prior to choosing their kitten. Kittens that are not chosen by those on the waiting list will be offered to those who inquire and are not yet on the waiting list. 


How do I ensure that I get the kitten that I want?

  • When a litter is born and we come to your name on the list, we will contact you by email to let you know that you may choose a kitten from the current litter.  This will take place anywhere from when the kittens are 1 week old to 6 weeks old. 

  • Once you choose your kitten, the second installment ($500) is due within 24 hours to finalize the reservation of your particular kitten. The final balance owing on the kitten is due on the day of pick up. 

When can I come to visit my kitten?

  • Without exception we do not allow visits to see the kittens. This is to ensure that the kittens are not exposed to any outside parasites or infectious illnesses that come in on visitor's shoes, clothing and hands.


When can I bring my kitten home?

  • Your kitten will be able to go home with you a few days after he/she has had their last set of vaccinations and neuter/spay surgery (between 15 and 17 weeks of age, depending on their weight). 

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